Polarizing filters for Photos and videos

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Polarizing Filters for Photo and Video from Olivia Speranza on Vimeo.

Polarizing filters are cheap but yet so important. They are simple to use, yet pretty hard to explain. I do my best to show you a few examples, and hopefully it’s helpful. To use them you simply turn the filter around until the image looks good.

A polarizing filter will ‘correct’ the image in a way that cannot be adjusted or fixed in post processing. Forget Photoshop, camera picture styles, shutter speeds, aperture, or ISO settings. You can’t fix what you didn’t capture.

If you cannot afford the expensive type, there are many that can be purchased for under $8 dollars. More image samples and polarizing tips at http://oliviatech.com/circular-polarizing-filters-if-theres-one-thing-you-need

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