How we operate

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Why should we have 3D wedding photos when we’re not planning to buy any 3D equipment?

Two or three years from now, most cameras will be 3D, and most homes will have 3D displays.  3D equipment is rapidly replacing all 2D equipment. So it is inevitable that as you renew your home computer or television, you will then gain the ability to view 3D photos.

Are 3D photos actually worth it?

Once you’ve seen a photo in 3D, 2D photography will never look the same again. The depth in a 3D photograph means that the memory of an occasion is captured in a far more tangible way. People tend to gaze at 3D photos for much longer than 2D photos, because the realism is utterly breathtaking.


Step 1. Check out our website to your fullest satisfaction.Seeing is believing. Make sure you review our portfolio, services and how we work

Step 2. Book your dates

Call us to make an appointment for your 3D wedding photographer. We are a boutique firm and offer our services in most metro cities in India (we’ll even fly in!). You will be asked to pay a nominal 50% upfront deposit to book your slot.

Step 3. Tell us your preferred photography style

Based on your style, we will put you in touch with a 3D India lead photographer who will manage your wedding photography and videography

Step 4. Your wedding plan. We’ll send you a simple and clear wedding plan that will include:

  • specific dates and times when your photographer will be there
  • A hotline phone number for you to reach us anytime. There may be some impromptu events for which you might need us
Step 5. The actual wedding photo shoot!

Step 6. Enjoy!

  • Online 3D photo gallery within 4-7 days, with a one click upload option from your website into Facebook
  • 3D Glasses will be provided for viewing 3d photos online
  • Online showcase highlight video reel for Facebook (4 – 6 minutes) within 2 weeks from event completion

Within 4 -6 weeks, You will get:

  • Your 3D Art albums
  • Any extra Albums for your parents, friends and family (if ordered)
  • A DVD with your full length video (about 2 hours) and a website link with your highlight clip that can be shared on facebook. If you would like we can give you the original footage on a hard drive at a nominal extra cost.

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